The badges stand for the key features of Pheramor:

Attraction Badge:
You can purchase Pheramor Genetic Testing Kit here. After you get your Pheramor ID number, you will connect it with your account here.

Social Media Badge:
We encourage our users to connect Pheramor with your social media accounts so we can help to build your profile. This will help show your real hobbies, likes, and interests, and it will use this data to generate better matches.

Activist Badge:
Pheramor is determined to improving people’s lives in innovative ways including finding singles authentic connection or encouraging registration into the cancer registry. You can consent to fight cancer together with us. Consenting to register means you will be sent an email from a cancer registry, such as Gift of Life, with a link to sign up through their website. Once registered through their website, Pheramor will share your genetic data, which only includes your HLA-type, to the registry.

Let's light them up to turn on your love!